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Hi, we are Mark and Meredith! We are so thrilled for you to meet us. 

We met more than 25 years ago in high school after a Varsity football game. Our families lived only miles apart and all our siblings were very close in age. After we graduated from high school, we both attended college together. Mark studied Chemistry and later went on to earn his PhD. Meredith studied Education and went to graduate school for an MBA. We married in 2001 and haven’t looked back since! 

Our adoption journey started back in 2011. We always wanted to have several children, as we both come from families with multiple siblings. After two failed IVF trials, we immediately considered adoption. We successfully adopted our son, Anthony,  in 2012 and he has brought so much joy into our lives. We are ready to grow our family through adoption yet again and help our son achieve his dream of being a big brother.

Mark is the most amazing husband and father. He is an intelligent, thoughtful man with a heart of gold.  Mark always puts others before himself. He is extremely thoughtful. He brings flowers home once a week, and after a long day, he will be the one to tell me to rest and relax. 

One thing I love about Mark is his sparkling personality. He just has that genuine, family spirit, which children always notice. Anytime we get together with friends and family, you will find Mark playing kickball with the kids or helping them build a fort. Mark and our son Anthony are inseparable. Mark has helped coach Anthony’s baseball team for the past several seasons. They enjoy attending professional baseball games and they love to play soccer in the yard, wrestle or take walks to play with neighborhood kids. 

Mark loves a good challenge. He has a passion for learning new things and is an amazing problem solver. If something is broken around the house, he will fix it. He especially enjoys restoring vintage pinball machines!

Meredith is the only one for me. She cares about everyone tremendously and always works to ensure that all the little details in everything are taken care of (whether it be what specifically should be in our son’s lunch, or planning every detail of a family vacation). She is the “Manager”/Coach of our entire Family. 

Meredith is a planner that always loves having families and friends over and cooking for everyone.  She loves to try out new recipes, especially international cuisine and often incorporate the fresh produce from her garden to make a delicious meal. In fact, she and her girlfriends have friendly dinner competitions to see who can execute the best menu.

As a mother, you really couldn’t ask for someone better than Meredith. Her work schedule is very flexible, which allows her to spend lots of time with Anthony. She is always planning various fun, learning events for him to participate in (such as going to petting zoos, kids museums in different cities, Lego or Robot fairs at school). I’ve loved watching Meredith grow as a mother, and I’m so excited to see the special relationship she develops with another child. 

Anthony is our super silly, compassionate, and full of energy son. Anthony is bi-racial and it is very important to us to celebrate his ethnicity. We attend events around the city that promote diversity and read countless books on adoption and multiculturalism. We love his school and how they incorporate activities that celebrate all types of holidays and beliefs. The student body of Anthony’s school is very multicultural as well, which constantly exposes him to children from different backgrounds. 

Anthony’s hobbies include all sports. He has participated in baseball, swimming, soccer and flag football. Anthony also spends lots of time riding bikes with his neighborhood friends and swimming in the community pool. He is very curious and will try just about anything. He loves to fly and has been to many destinations, but his favorite place is always the beach. Anthony refers to Milo our dog as his “fuzzy brother.” However, he is ecstatic about being a real big brother!

Our home is located near the city but has a quiet neighborhood-living vibe. We have plenty of yard space to play games together and still have room for our garden boxes too. We even had a full-size water bounce house in the front yard for Anthony’s birthday party last year! 

We have amazing neighbors with lots of children and often get together for play dates and neighborhood barbecues. We like to grill in the summer and enjoy our expanded back deck. In the winter, our large kitchen is a common gathering place for friends and perfect for making holiday cookies.  

Our home is walking distance to both the elementary and middle schools which makes the school commute super easy. The proximity to parks, paths, and the community pool are also very convenient. We can’t imagine living anywhere else and look forward to sharing our home with another child! 

Our lifestyle is full of adventure! We love to visit family where Anthony can spend quality time with his cousins. We also enjoy exploring new places; like kayaking down a local river or touring underground caves. 

Whether it is football, baseball or soccer, we love to attend local sporting events. It is important to stay active and experience all that our city has to offer. We spend time outdoors, attend park concerts, seek out new restaurants, entertain friends and we have a great love for traveling. 

Every year, we take a beach vacation to a different destination. Our most memorable childhood moments we’re always about exploring and spending time with family. We make sure to try new experiences to create lasting memories. We really want to provide the kids with the opportunity to experience all life has to offer!

Thank you for viewing our profile and getting to know our family. We hope that you can see how excited we would be to have another child growing up in our family. 

Your courage is nothing short of amazing. Words cannot express how grateful we are to mothers who are as admirable as you. We have been able to experience first hand the beauty of adoption when we adopted our son, Anthony, almost seven years ago. We are so blessed to have the opportunity to adopt again. 

We look forward to meeting you soon!